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  • 28 Mar 2022


  • 27 Mar 2022
  • 06 Feb 2022

    Stationary for your Wedding Day

    Our design team customize all our stationary

    Sometimes it's the absolute last thing to cross your minda week from your wedding you remember: I need something to write my vows in. Or perhaps it's a cocktail sign or a welcome sign pointing guests to the wedding ceremony location. >>
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    05 Feb 2022

    Documentation to Get Married in Italy

    Legally binding wedding in Italy

    Getting married in Italy requires some paperwork, if you want to plan for it to be legally binding, which has to be prepared well in advance. There is no specific rule for any spouse. The variables depend on the Nationality (Passport) >>
  • 30 Apr 2021

    The importance of the bridal bouquet

    Tips for choosing it well

    One of the most important accessories at the wedding for the bride is definitely the flower bouquet.  If you don't know how to choose the right one for you, don't worry. I decided to write this article for people like you who don't >>
  • 21 Apr 2021

    The tableau de mariage

    All you need to know

    The very famous and very useful tableau de mariage, always present in every self-respecting wedding, is one of the most important thematic corners of the whole ceremony, but in addition to being very important for the function it covers, >>
  • 10 Apr 2021

    Entrance of the bride

    Rules and traditions in Italy

    One of the most anticipated moments of the whole wedding is undoubtedly the entrance of the bride.  It is the moment that every bride has always dreamed of since she was a child and that now she is about to become reality. >>
  • 30 Mar 2021

    The Corsage Floral bracelet for witnesses and bridesmaids

    Meaning of the name and birth of its use:  The corsage: floral bracelet for witnesses and bridesmaids    Meaning of the name and birth of its use:  In French it means bouquet, a miniature bouquet to tie on the wrist, in the past the >>
  • 30 Mar 2021

    Choosing the Church for the Wedding

    Tips and ideas

    Choosing the right church for your wedding may turn out to be not as easy a choice as it would seem at first.  For this reason, I felt the need to write an article, which could give you as many useful tips as possible, to choose the >>
  • 30 Mar 2021

    The Laic Lay celebrant

    Who he is and what he does

    Who is the Laic- lay celebrant? Why choose a lay celebrant for your wedding? If you also want to know more about wedding ceremonies and those who celebrate them, you should continue reading this article where we deal with the topic >>
  • 29 Mar 2021

    Celtic Wedding

    Why choose it

    If you want to get married by staging a true Celtic wedding, what you have to do is choose a place surrounded by nature, better if a real forest so that the elements of water and earth are present and in harmony with you.  If you want >>
  • 29 Mar 2021

    Gay Wedding

    The right order of entry

    Today in Italy it is allowed for two people of the same sex to marry, thanks to the institution of civil unions.  Two people of the same sex can marry by making a statement to the registrar, in the presence of two witnesses.  Civil >>
  • 29 Mar 2021

    Getting dressed for a Wedding what to know to make a good impression

    There is still a long way to go until the wedding date, but preparations are already underway, the whole organizational machine has been turned on and now we need to get serious, you have started sending the first invitations and the >>
  • 29 Mar 2021

    What they Really Notice

    Wedding guests

    The main rule to respect when organizing your wedding should be to follow only your wishes and those of your couple, without being influenced by other external factors.  However, it is known that there are also guests at the wedding, >>
  • 29 Mar 2021

    Marriage Proposal

    Mistakes not to make

    If you do not know how to ask your partner for the hand, then my advice is to continue reading this article, where I will give you simple and original advice to be able to make the moment in which you make your marriage proposal unforgettable, >>
  • 28 Mar 2021

    Wedding Etiquette

    What to do and what not to do

     Do you know well what are the good manners to keep an eye on within a wedding context?  Do you know what etiquette or bon ton says as you prefer and are you ready to respect these small rules of conduct to help make the wedding atmosphere >>
  • 27 Mar 2021

    Brunch and Wedding

    How to best organize it

    Why choose a wedding brunch for your wedding? Surely in the historical moment in which we are living, the idea of organizing a wedding with a small number of guests, more manageable in a period of world pandemic, could lead you to choose >>
  • 17 Mar 2021


    The etymology of the word

    "Legal or religious institution with which the union of two or more people is sanctioned".  The sacredness of the word marriage and its propensity to unite can be perceived just by reading the simple definition of the word.    Meaning >>
  • 17 Mar 2021


    In the world

    All the countries and all the peoples of the world have their own traditions, the wedding day has always been a moment full of culture, sacredness, within which the popular culture of the peoples finds space and its maximum expression >>
  • 16 Mar 2021

    Wedding in Italy

    The necessary documents

    Contrary to what all of us may think, getting married is not as simple and immediate as we would like, there are many documents that it would be good to start obtaining in time if we do not want to run the risk of not being able to >>
  • 16 Mar 2021

    The Table on the Wedding Day

    A perfect mise en place

    You have chosen the place to hold the reception of your wedding, all the preparations are now coming to an end, all the pieces of the puzzle have more or less been put in place, you are on the home straight but it is right now that >>
  • 16 Mar 2021

    Getting to the stress-free wedding

    Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of your life, all the attention is on you and your partner, your friends and your relatives all gathered together on the same day at the same time, all with the same goal. , participate >>
  • 25 Feb 2021

    The Serenade Before the Wedding

    An all-Italian tradition

    The serenade before the wedding is an all-Italian tradition, how many times have we come across situations of this kind, where the betrothed accompanied by some friends and some professional musicians, under the window of the bride, >>
  • 25 Feb 2021


    That's why it's called that

    After the wedding celebration, how many of you opted for a quick ride to the airport, skipping the reception, leaving the guests speechless, getting on the first flight because the call of the honeymoon was too strong to put it on top >>
  • 25 Feb 2021

    Wedding Rings

    How to choose theme

    The preparations are coming to an end, it is not long before the wedding date, you are missing the last step to take now, that of choosing the wedding rings.  The choice of wedding rings is sometimes left for last, because wrongly, >>
  • 24 Feb 2021

    Marriage in History

    Getting married in ancient Egypt

    In ancient Egypt, the management of the marriage rite was neither a prerogative of the state nor of the clergy, but simply belonged to the private sphere.    How they got married in ancient Egypt:    The man acquired the status of husband, >>
  • 24 Feb 2021

    Bride's Bouquet

    Between tradition and innovation.

    The bouquet is the icing on the cake as far as the bride's look is concerned, it completes the dress and combined with it and the veil, it creates the solemnity of the wedding day.    The flowers on the bouquet:    It will be necessary >>
  • 24 Feb 2021

    Hairstyles for your wedding

    Here are the most beautiful

    You are about to get married, you have organized almost everything in an optimal, almost maniacal way, everything seems to go in the right direction, you have just chosen the dress that will accompany you throughout the event, but you >>
  • 15 Feb 2021

    Wedding Dresses

    The new trends

    If you still don't know what dress to wear for your wedding, or if you want to get an idea of the new trends in wedding dresses, then this article is for you.    The question we all ask ourselves when we are invited to a wedding is >>
  • 09 Jan 2021

    Every New Bride Needs These Things Right Away, Planning a Wedding Is a [Equally Beautiful and Stressful]

    It’s a brand new year, pretties, and we don’t think it would be too out of turn to say that we’re seriously pumped about it! 2020 weddings happened, and they were absolutely stunning (truthfully, we were  - and still are - blown away >>
  • 04 Jan 2021

    Feder MEP video letter

    We are sure President, that you will not allow it

    The open videoletter addressed to the Prime Minister Conte written and read by 10 operators, expression of the entire supply chain of Federmep - the association that represents companies in the Weddings and Events sector -. An appeal >>
  • 03 Jun 2020

    5 Handsome Alternatives to Black for Your Groom

    We love a groom in classic black, don't get us wrong. But when it comes to statement-making style choices for the gents, opting for a happy hue is always a great way to infuse your wedding with some personality. From burgundy to chambray >>
  • 03 Jun 2020

    All over the world, each wedding is full of meaningful traditions, these are the most popular in Italy.

    All over the world, each wedding is full of meaningful traditions, these are the most popular in Italy.    If you are thinking about getting married in Italy, you might be curious about some of the Italian rituals: these could be substantially >>
  • 16 Apr 2020

    Peter Langner Bridal Collection 2020

    -brings with itself a magical and surreal allure that involves the audience in a fairy tale scenario, mixed with a romantic and naturalistic atmosphere.  This time two different worlds are combined together in the perfect mixture that >>
  • 05 Jan 2020

    Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

    The Event  Today’s brides and grooms are creating celebrations that don’t follow anyone’s rules but their own: The schedule, formality, bridal party, even the location are becoming a matter of personal, sometimes out-of-the-box choice. >>
  • 05 Jan 2020

    Food & Drink 2021

    There’s no question;  Today’s brides and grooms are putting emphasis on serving guests a meal they’ll savor and remember long after the wedding day. Fresh, local ingredients continue to take center stage at the table. Couples are skipping >>
  • 17 Sep 2019


    GLOWING shabby chic.....  Coral, Pineapple, Merlot    Imag:    Coral is a hue that adds warmth to a chilly autumn soirée! The pop of marigold yellow >>
  • 07 Sep 2019

    Wedding Cake

    WEDDING CAKE  Brides and grooms are expected to get more creative with their wedding cakes in 2020 as well. Instead of smooth white buttercream, couples are set to experiment with fondant or icing to create unique textures. Monograms >>
  • 27 Aug 2019


    WEDDING DRESS TRENDS IN 2020  The catwalks of Bridal Fashion Week 2020 in Barcelona offered brides more stylistic choice than ever before. Whether they’re looking for a refined gown, or aiming to make a statement with an outfit that’s >>
  • 26 Aug 2019

    Planning your wedding ?

    What exactly do page boys, ring bearers and flower girls do?

    Everyone knows what is expected of the main bridal party members such as the Best Man, the bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour, but when it comes to other bridal party roles, including page boys and flower girls, it can often seem like >>
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