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News&Trends 06 Feb 2022

Sometimes it's the absolute last thing to cross your minda week from your wedding you remember: I need something to write my vows in. Or perhaps it's a cocktail sign or a welcome sign pointing guests to the wedding ceremony location. Day-of paper goods and signage can be an afterthought, but often they're the details that make everything look so romantic on your big day. Not only are all of the paper goods lovely keepsakes, photographers love to capture those details and they'll flesh out your wedding album beautifully.

So what items are you forgetting:
Ceremony Staionary Goods
Vow books. There's nothing less beautiful than a crumpled piece of paper or an iPhone used to display your vows as you read them to your husband or wife. Photographers love to capture you reading your emotional vows, so even if you're using premade vows or reading vows prior to the ceremony, be sure you have a Pretty Booklet or sheet to read your vows from. Bonus? These are a wonderful keepsake!
Reserved signs. If you have special guests or a front-row seat reserved for family members, little scripted reserved signs are a beautiful way to identify that the seats are saved. Reserved tags can be business card sized or RSVP card sized. They can even be cute paper tags tied to a flower or a bit of greenery.
Welcome signage. Is your ceremony behind a building or around a corner that might make it hard to find for guests? A big welcome sign (think poster-sized) in a frame or on an easel can be a beautiful introduction to you event and helpful too!
Flower toss bags. If you're having your guests toss petals at your ceremony (or toss anything for that matter), little paper bags with scripting "Toss Me" on them can be a pretty and directional detail for your guests.
Readings. Similar to your vow books, do you want one of your guests doing a reading off of their iPhone or computer paper? Have your readings scripted out. These make a great keepsake and backdrop for photos!
Passed champagne signs. It's a tiny little detail, but if you're having a champagne bar/champagne passed/or just a couple bottles, add a scripted, folded tag on the passed trays or on the table with a cute phrase like "It's time to Pop the Bubbly."It's a tiny detail that will make everything all the prettier.
Cards for your loved ones. Want to be sure to thank your lovely Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, parents, and sweetheart? Have a custom card and envelope made by your calligrapher to be create instant keepsakes.
Programs. You might not have a long ceremony, but guests love to have something to read during the wait for you to walk down the aisle. Programs can be a cast of characters (introducing your wonderful family and wedding party), simply a list of events, and can also be a big thank you to all of your guests!
Reception Stationary
Escort Cards. Escort cards are usually displayed on a table or on a large board and are a chance to get creative. Hang tags from flower bottles, write names on slices of agate, use a tented paper card, hang seating assignments from a screen adorned with ribbon. Escort cards should be scripted per couple (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and include table number.
Seating chart. Used instead of escort cards, seating charts are usually large (poster sized) and work wonderfully for large weddings! Get creative with yours and make sure it's personalized to your wedding colors and displayed in a gorgeous frame.
Place Cards. These show a guest their assigned seat and are used in addition to escort cards if there is assigned seating at each table. These can be pretty details on the plate or table. Think names scripted across the top of a menu, wood slices with gold script, or flat paper cards.
Head table place cards. These can be specially made to honor your wedding party. Maybe dip-dyed in watercolor, maybe accompanied with a thank you note, these can be really wonderful bits of decor at the head table.
Menus. Plated dinner? It's lovely to put a menu at each seat, perhaps tucked into a napkin, tied around a baguette, or even displayed larger at the end of the table as a buffet sign if you're not doing a plated dinner.
Dessert signage. Have a cute dessert bar? Notify your guests what each delicious treat is with a tented paper sign. Makes for wonderful photos!
Hashtag signage. Don't let your guests forget your hashtag. A sign at the entrance to your event in an 8x10 or larger can give people the details!
Matchbooks, cocktail napkins, coasters. Did you know you can personalize all of these items with your initials, monogram, or crest? Don't forget these fun items as they can double as keepsakes and favors.
Favor tags. Be sure to decorate your favors with some pretty. It might be a stamp on a muslin bag, a tag on a little box of cookies, or a scroll of paper for each guest indicating you donated in their name in lieu of a favor. Be sure to personalize every detail for a truly memorable event!
Stionary for your Photographer
Don't deprive your photographer of pretties to photograph.
Photographer favorites include:
Vow books
Scripted vows
Notes or letters from bride to groom
Pristine copy of yourWedding invitation Suite with a faux address on the envelope
Pristine copy of your save the date with a faux address on the envelope
A pretty copy of your program
Menu and place cards to style together

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