10 reasona why I love being a wedding planner

Fiorella's Weddings 20 apr 2020

1. The people! 100% the best part of the job is working with the clients. I’m not just saying that – at the end of the day, it will always be the connections I make from spending weeks and months helping a couple plan the best day of their lives!
2. The details. My life motto is details aren’t the details – they are the design. I love all the special touches, hidden surprises, and the wow factor. It’s the details that make the day!
3. The vendors I get to work with. It’s so rewarding to partner with a vendor and combine forces to make your day exceptional!
4. The wow factor. I love the reaction of the bride and groom seeing all the months of planning the details come together on the wedding day!
5. Watching the couple dance with their closest friends and family – the look of joy on everyone’s faces is priceless!
6. The hospitality: I LOVE taking care of the details, making sure everything is perfect on the escort card table, that candles are lit, that everyone is where they are suppose to be at any given time! I love taking care of your guests, your bridal party, and mostly – the bride and groom.
7. The lifelong friendships that develop. Every wedding I have done, I have remained friends with the couples. Even if it’s just on social media, I LOVE seeing couples have babies, go on vacation, receive promotions. I feel a special bond to each couple and I celebrate every milestone in their journey and love that they are also cheering me on!
8. The challenge is alway excepted. I have found this to be true in my over 40 years of living – if there is a will, there is a way. Wedding planning isn’t always a walk in the park; problems arise, but I love finding solutions!
9. Helping clients keep their eye on the prize. I don’t love weddings (She said, WHAT?!) – hear me out first! I don’t love weddings AS MUCH as I love a good, healthy marriage. There will be times throughout the wedding process that one person will want to spend more money on something than the other person does. There also will be times when your invite guest list can’t be agreed on – and once you guys do settle on that, finding the right table arrangements with your guest list can cause stress. I love helping couples stay focused on the big picture. Your wedding day is just the start to your forever together – I love being able to take the details of your wedding day seriously, without allowing those details to become a serious wedge in your relationship.
10. I get to help plan parties…no explanation needed!! Your wedding is the ultimate party and I LOVE helping you the plan the best party you will ever throw!

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