News e Tendenze 17 set 2019

GLOWING shabby chic.....
Coral, Pineapple, Merlot

Coral is a hue that adds warmth to a chilly autumn soirée! The pop of marigold yellow is inspired by golden sunflowers swaying in an early fall breeze, and it plays perfectly with the coral’s warm feel. Brown keeps the palette overall organic yet lush. Glowing and dreamy, this palette is totally shabby chic meets rustic elegance. Guests will certainly be impressed with such a cheery fall color scheme!

DRAMATIC autumn wedding.....
Grape Juice, Boysenberry, Pinor Noir, Frosty Grape, Custom Yellow

Jewel tones are here to stay for the fall! Deep berry purple, mulberry, and blush create a rich palette for an elegant autumn wedding. Add in a bit of periwinkle and yellow accents to create a warm, inviting ambiance. Purple takes center stage, while the accent colors add depth—​especially when incorporated into statement-making wedding flowers. From boho to classic, this color combo is blanketed in romance.

Matte Silver, Black, CustomTan

For a refined and elegant fall wedding feel, this neutral palette of gray, dramatic black, and tan is simply the best! Hushed neutrals with hints of gray metallics offer a classic timeless look across any style of wedding—and adding in a bit of sparkle is a must. Combining understated hues like these can set any wedding tone, from romantically rustic to modernly minimalist. This palette will certainly wow your guests.

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