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  • 03 giu 2020

    5 Handsome Alternatives to Black for Your Groom

     We love a groom in classic black, don't get us wrong. But when it comes to statement-making style choices for the gents, opting for a happy hue is always a great way to infuse your wedding with some personality. From burgundy to chambray >>
  • 03 giu 2020

    All over the world, each wedding is full of meaningful traditions, these are the most popular in Italy.

     All over the world, each wedding is full of meaningful traditions, these are the most popular in Italy.    If you are thinking about getting married in Italy, you might be curious about some of the Italian rituals: these could be >>
  • 16 apr 2020

    Peter Langner Bridal Collection 2020

    -brings with itself a magical and surreal allure that involves the audience in a fairy tale scenario, mixed with a romantic and naturalistic atmosphere.  This time two different worlds are combined together in the perfect mixture that >>
  • 19 feb 2020


    You say "elope" and we say "how high?" Or more accurately, how far, how cold and how high. Elopements continue to grow in popularity for their sense of intimacy, adventure and beauty and it's easy to see why – couples are rebelling >>
  • 05 gen 2020

    Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

    The Event  Today’s brides and grooms are creating celebrations that don’t follow anyone’s rules but their own: The schedule, formality, bridal party, even the location are becoming a matter of personal, sometimes out-of-the-box choice. >>
  • 05 gen 2020

    Food & Drink 2021

    There’s no question;  Today’s brides and grooms are putting emphasis on serving guests a meal they’ll savor and remember long after the wedding day. Fresh, local ingredients continue to take center stage at the table. Couples are skipping >>
  • 17 set 2019


    GLOWING shabby chic.....  Coral, Pineapple, Merlot    Coral is a hue that adds warmth to a chilly autumn soirée! The pop of marigold yellow is inspired by golden sunflowers swaying in an early fall breeze, and it plays >>
  • 07 set 2019

    Wedding cake trends in 2020

    Brides and grooms are expected to get more creative with their wedding cakes in 2020 as well. Instead of smooth white buttercream, couples are set to experiment with fondant or icing to create unique textures. Monograms and bespoke >>
  • 27 ago 2019

    Wedding dress trends in 2020

    The catwalks of Bridal Fashion Week 2020 in Barcelona offered brides more stylistic choice than ever before. Whether they’re looking for a refined gown, or aiming to make a statement with an outfit that’s anything but traditional, designers >>
  • 26 ago 2019

    Planning your wedding ?

    What exactly do page boys, ring bearers and flower girls do?

    Everyone knows what is expected of the main bridal party members such as the Best Man, the bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour, but when it comes to other bridal party roles, including page boys and flower girls, it can often seem like >>
  • 64
    12 set 2017

    L'abito da sposa che valorizza il fisico

    Come sceglierlo in base alle proprie caratteristiche

    Ci siamo...Il tuo sogno si sta per realizzare, fra pochi mesi convolerai a nozze con l'uomo della tua vita ed è il momento di scegliere il vestito da sposa quello che ricorderai per tutta la vita, quello che dovrà farti sentire una >>
  • 27
    12 set 2017

    Abiti da Sposa

    Tendenze 2020

    Se state pensando di sposarvi la vostra attenzione dovrà spostarsi sulle tendenze degli abiti da sposa per il 2020. Secondo quanto proposto dalle bridal week di Londra, Milano e New York la tendenza è minimalista, trasformista e moderna >>
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