Fiorella's Weddings 23 apr 2020

There are many symbolic items that make up the sofreh Aghd and each represents an element of the couple´s new life. The word sofreh means “spread” and Aghd means “ceremony”. Now I would like to name all the elements used in that ceremony with a brief explanation of all of them:

Mirror –> represents bringing light and brightness into the future of the married couple. The couple has to look into the mirror together.

Candles –> Symbolize energy and clarity in the couple´s life together.

Honey –> It is consumed at the end of the ceremony. The bride and the groom dip a finger (usually the pinky) in the honey and feet it to each other for eternal sweetness.

Bread –> A decorative display of flatbread symbolizes prosperity for the feasts and couple´s life together. It can be accompanied with feta cheese and fresh herbs.

Rock candy –> symbolize a sweetened life for the newlyweds.

Almond walnut and hazelnut –> symbolize fertility and abundance.

Seasonal fruits –> it is used to symbolize a joyous future.

Sweets and pastries –> they are placed on the sofreh Aghd to be shared with the guests after the ceremony concludes. They symbolize the sweetness of life.

Sugar cones –> they are used during the ceremony over the couple´s head. A happily married woman rub the sugar cones together over the “ghand cloth” while held over the couple´s head to shower their life with sweetness and luck.

Wild rue –> It is an herb which is burned as part of a ritual for purification.

Eggs –> represent fertility for the couple.

All these elements are placed on a beautiful table that will be the center of attention during the ceremony. Details are taken care meticulously. All the recipients used to present the elements are chosen painstakingly to guarantee a perfect harmony during the ceremony.

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