Wedding cake trends in 2020

News e Tendenze 07 set 2019

Brides and grooms are expected to get more creative with their wedding cakes in 2020 as well. Instead of smooth white buttercream, couples are set to experiment with fondant or icing to create unique textures. Monograms and bespoke hand-painted illustrations will also be more common, giving the designs a personal touch.

Sparkly silver and muted metallic details are expected to add flash to the tiers, while fern is predicted to replace eucalyptus as the most popular decorative green, creating an elegantly rustic finish.

More minimalistically-minded couples will begin embracing several single-tiered confections, allowing them to share multiple cake styles and flavours, without an overwhelming display. What’s more, many weddings in 2020 will feature a somewhat unique take on the wedding cake.

Expect the traditional main attraction to be replaced by tiers of doughnuts, waffles, macaroons, or even wheels of cheese.

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