Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

News e Tendenze 05 gen 2020

The Event
Today’s brides and grooms are creating celebrations that don’t follow anyone’s rules but their own: The schedule, formality, bridal party, even the location are becoming a matter of personal, sometimes out-of-the-box choice.

More Daytime Ceremonies:
An author of A Great Party (Rizzoli New York), says, seeing a resurgence in popularity of daytime weddings, specifically those taking place in the morning or early afternoon. “This places focus on the ceremony, emphasizing that it’s of real importance and not just part of whole experience, then there can be a more relaxed experience for the meal to follow.”

Black Tie Formality:
Still, some couples don’t want casual or relaxed celebrations and would rather go all out, planning formal events and asking guests to dress in black tie attire, we expect to see more black tie in 2021. “Everyone looks beautiful in black tie attire,” So. “When you look back at photos, you see how stunningly timeless they are.”

Blended Bridal Parties:
Couples aren’t worrying about traditional “rules” for who can play which role in their bridal party any more, Instead, they’re simply choosing the best person for the job, regardless of gender or relationship. For example, there have been many “man of honors,” “man’s maids,” “best women” and “grooms-women.” Even parents and grandparents can be included in a couple’s wedding party.

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