It’s not a secret that destination weddings in Greece are mega-popular (and for good reason, have you seen some of the locations?).

From Mykonos to Santorini, there is no shortage of places to choose for a Greek island wedding.

But there are still some secret wedding destinations in Greece that make for the most epic celebrations (and photos!). One such place is Milos. And naturally, that’s where our story begins for this particular stunning destination wedding!

But the secrecy of the Greek location

is not the only magical part of this place. It is a volcanic island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, just north of Crete. Thanks to its location, it has a plethora of wonderful beaches to choose from.

Moreover, the volcanic island creates an otherworldly landscape that together with the white stucco with bright blue trim of the local buildings is quintessentially Greek.

Milos has more than 70 sandy and mysterious beaches that challenge visitors to discover. It also has catacombs second only in historical significance to Rome’s, the remains of an amphitheater that once held 7,000, a pretty capital in Plaka with labyrinthine streets, a castle on a high summit, and archaeological, maritime, ecclesiastical, folk, war, and mining museums.

Visitors move through monuments of stone and never see the same thing twice. Even the open-cast mine at Voudia is too impressive to handle. It is like a gigantic, multi-colored mineral version of Chinese terraced agriculture. References had been made by Hippocrates to the peculiar morphology of spectacular caves and a multitude of thermal springs. The diving enthusiasts will find a paradise in the underwater caves in the triangle formed by Mílos, Kimolos, and Polýegos islands.

A destination wedding in Greece, especially on a island, is first and foremost an opportunity to immerse your guests in a hands-on multisensory experience of Greece. Think Happy Events always encourages the couples to plan activities for the wedding that involve seeing and feeling the island like the locals do!

Plan Your Destination!

Start thinking if this island feels like the place you’d like to say your vows on and celebrate together with your friends and family! Contact us to book your happy date!