5 Bridal Style Rules

At the heart of this new era of , we believe a wedding is a celebration of love, individuality, and joy. This means every aspect of your wedding should be a reflection of you, your partner and your unique love story.

We encourage our brides to think outside of the box and embrace their unique style and personality when creating their wedding day look. This might mean incorporating traditional and non-traditional elements into your bridal style, such as a colorful wedding dress, unique makeup or erring on the side of sexy.

With that said, check out some bridal style rules that you may consider rewriting:



While white is the traditional colour for wedding dresses, there are no hard and fast rules that say you must wear it. You can choose any colour or style that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Among our vast assortment of wedding dresses there are, like several styles in black, red and blue!



A wedding veil has the power to pull your whole ensemble together, but there are countless alternative options – hair accessories, tiaras, flowers, or even hats.



If you’re one to play with a statement eye or colorful liner, go for it!  Natural makeup isn’t the only wedding day look



High heels are often seen as a must-have bridal accessory, but that doesn’t mean you must wear them. Prefer flats? Wear flats! Sandals? Wear sandals! Or finish your look with a pair of sneakers!



Wedding dress knowledge is’nt in my blood, but we’ve been around long enough to know a dress isn’t for every bride. Whether you’replanning a courthouse wedding or changing into a second look for your reception, a wedding jumpsuit just might be for you. And we say, go for it!


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