How to write a wedding speech

speechTraditionally, the father of the bride, the groom and the best man give a speech at the wedding, in that order, following the wedding breakfast.

But rules are meant to be broken and nowadays more members of the wedding party wish to say something and are doing so either before, after or during the meal.

My advice would be to stick to before or after dinner, even if that’s both, rather than in between each course; this is the only break your photographer and videographer will get to rest and eat on your wedding day so it’s very much appreciated if they can put their feet up for a hour.

But also your caterers will find food service smoother if they can focus on sending each course out in a timely manner, as and when they’ve prepared it. Speak with your caterer because if you have a time sensitive starter, you may bebest planning a very short speech first or waiting until after dinner so the food doesn’t sit too long and spoil.

I would also suggest keeping speeches to 10 minutes and not having too many people speaking as your guests will get restless. And please keep it lighthearted, heartfelt and tasteful. Once you’ve written your speech, read it back and ensure you won’t be making a joke at a guest’s expense, you aren’t discussing any private topics or that your aren’t being rude or offending anyone. If you’re unsure, leave it out.

So what does each person typically talk about….


FATHER OF THE BRIDE: The father of the bride will typically welcome guests, share heartfelt anecdotes about his daughter and welcome his new son in law to the family.

GROOM: The grooms speech should thank his father-in-law for his speech. Thank both sets of parents for their love and support. The wedding party; groomsmen and bridesmaids for their friendship and help during the planning. The guests for their attendance. And finally, talk about his beautiful bride.

BEST MAN: The best man has the great responsibility of delivering a humorous (but tasteful) speech and to share stories of the groom They also thank again those who have contributed to the wedding and congratulate the newlyweds.

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